(Català) Canimas, J. (2018): «Apunts sobre el poder (fer)», a Revista de Treball Social, 2018, núm. 212, pàg. 47-56.

The article attempts to clarify the language that speaks of power and thus, to offer ways of thinking, exercising and combating it, if necessary. It is structured in eleven sections and an epigraph: (0) What do I intend to do? (1) Power is the ability to do something, not a ghost. (2) Should the power be avoided? (3) The difference between techno-science, ethics (applied) and politics. (4) Not everything is ethics… (5) …but everything is. (6) The stark power. (7) Biopolitics and biopower. (8) Power, freedom and responsibility. (9) The own life as resistance and rebellion. (10) Applied ethics: if not political, it is cloaking. (11) Politics: if not ethical, a nightmare.

Key words: Applied ethics, power, biopower, social work, freedom.

© Joan Canimas Brugué
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